Event Video

Need help to get your event noticed, increase attendance and interaction, hear people talk about it for a long time after?

Before the Event

Teaser video

The ideal way to get people excited about your upcoming event and to give a glimpse behind the scenes.


After movie past event(s)

A convincing atmospheric video from a previous event or edition helps your audience to visualize what they can expect at your next one.

Video invitation

Sending an original video invitation via e-mail provides that little bit extra.




During the Event

Video introduction company, speaker, ...

Introduce yourself, your company, your speakers, ... in a striking and original way. Video in alternation with a presentation, speaker, etc. also ensures a good variety. Keep your guest captivated by your message throughout the event.


Partner/sponsor video

Thank your partners and sponsors by exhibiting them during the event. An added value for both your partners and the event itself.




After the Event

After movie

Capturing unique images of the event is a great way to boost the presence of future events. Let all attendees relive the event and prove those who were absent wrong.


Testimonial video

Certain types of events offer a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers and capture their opinions about your company. Unlike in-depth polished testimonial videos, the goal at events is to get quick sound bites and snapshots.





Did you know?

more on-page event registrations through video content.

weeks before your event, start with the distribution of teasers, after movies from past events, ...

 for an after movie consisting of 70% people and 30% atmosphere is a good rule of thumb.