Nothing more convincing than a customer who shares their experiences.


When customers share their positive experiences, this immediately creates confidence in the company. This is what makes a testimonial video so credible.


In a testimonial video, you as a company can present concrete cases and show how you can offer a solution.


You not only put your own company in the spotlight but also that of your customer and provide additional content on other channels.
A win-win situation for both parties


A testimonial video is ideal to use during a sales pitch and can help convince potential customers.


Using a testimonial video, potential customers find out in a simple, light-hearted and creative way what you are doing as a company.

Did you know?

More than four out of five consumers say they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from acquaintances.

Brands that inspire higher emotional intensity receive three times as much word of mouth.

Customer testimonials have the highest content marketing effectiveness score with 89%

Behind the scenes

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Tell customers more about you. Add a few words and a stunning pic to grab their attention and get them to click.

This space is ideal for writing a detailed description of your business and the types of services that you provide. Talk about your team and your areas of expertise.